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Frissítés 2012 01. 04.
Visszajelzést kaptunk, hogy a köszöntõben elhangzik az "amnesztiára" vonatkozóan néhány mondat, amibõl egyes emberek azt alapították meg, hogy az elszámoltatás elmarad.
Nos szeretném felhívni a figyelmet, hogy 6 percben csupán egy vázlatot hallhattak a TEMPO már feltárt munkájából és ebbõl a 6 percbõl még csak megközelítõen sem lehet következtetéseket levonni a munkánkról, ha annak az írott bizonyítékainak legalább töredékét nem olvasta el a kedves olvasó.
3 éve interneten elérhetõ az "amnesztiára" vonatkozó írás, amit most ide újra beteszek. Nyilván az Apostoli Magyar Királyság ezt továbbra is fenntartja és az adott idõszakra sajátja ként kezeli.(szerk.)

A kép nagyítható!
Leirat angolul :
(Dear Visitor, we have replaced the previous computer translation of this video by manual translation.)

WELCOME to the apostolic kingdom of Hungary

WELCOME TO YOU ALL from the Governor's Bureau of the Apostolic Kingdom of Hungary, in Kecskemét.

My name is József Borbély, and I am the Governor of the nation today. I have been acting in this position since 13 June 2009, which is the date of establishment of the dual power-structure in our country.
Our Bureau was inaugurated on 28 December, 2011.

We started on 28 December 2007, when we founded our party called "Clean Energy for Hungary (TEMPO party). The party was formed so that we could formally represent the victims of the system, accepted by the "official" bodies of the illegitimate third Republic of Hungary.
During the past four years we have taken the members of the official bodies and institutions to court and submitted exhaustive evidence against their operations, which have continuously violated the law. During these court cases, we have prosecuted almost all the Hungarian Public Administration and in this way they have excluded themselves from the proceedings. The members of the Public Administration, as Defendants, were not capable of defending themselves on any of these trials.

Similarly, all members of the Hungarian Parliament have violated the law because they failed to meet their obligation, which they were well aware of, to report the crimes to the authorities concerned. In this way they have committed the crime of breaching the authority as well as collusion. We have made efforts and have continuously informed them about these crimes, proven by the data of public registrations. The criminals involved judges, public prosecutors, and other office members. Therefore, the Members of the Parliament are not entitled to represent our nation any longer and I have also systematically banned the operations of all parties registered in Hungary as of today.

On 11 November, 2011, we organised a boat tour along the River Danube, from Budapest to Esztergom, named " Carpathian Memorial Tour". This is where we restored the old system of the "Apostolic Kingdom of Hungary" on the board of the ship called "Budapest".
With this act, the dual-power structure and the illegitimate system of the Third Republic of Hungary was terminated and as a Governor, I volunteered to become the leader of the Apostolic Kingdom of Hungary.

On 23 December, 2011 we informed the former President of the Republic, Pál Schmidt, the former Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán, and the former Leader of the Parliament, László Kövér about this event and since then we have been sending our information to all the leaders of all the countries of the World. As well as that, we have informed the international organisations concerned and the entire Hungarian Public Administration.

I had no other choice, but had to take these measures, as today Hungary has reached a stage of major impairment. Our country -probably with the purpose of speculative intentions - has been downgraded in all aspects. Statistics also show that we are in last place amongst the countries of Europe in all areas of life, and in most cases we are also in last place in the whole world. The only areas where we come first are in instances of "death" and "depression".

Nevertheless all this happens in spite of the fact that we should be at the very top of the table of world nations when taking into account our country's natural resources - such as the geographical location, minerals, water supplies, fertile soil, intellectual endowments, inventions and patents.

Over the past sixty years, but especially the last twenty, it has been proven that our country's politicians have prioritised their own personal interests, against the interests of the nation. This has pushed millions of people into poverty, rushing the events towards a Civil War. Up to now, most of the movements of Hungarian history - such as the events of 1848, 1956 and 2006 -have also swept across Europe.

Our loyalty to our state of law and order of rights was developed during the past few years, when we were fighting in the courts against the illegitimate bodies and leaders of the third Republic of Hungary, which, eventually led us back towards the doctrine of our "Holy Crown" and its order of rights so that we could realise the Apostolic Kingdom of Hungary and take over control gradually.

If any of you raises the question why it is the TEMPO Party, and why it is József Borbély to take the position of the Governor, I would suggest you visit these web sites: www.tempohirek.com; www.tempopart.hu

We think the future has begun! For us 11 November, 2011 was the date of entering the Golden Age, where we can live as citizens of one of the richest countries in the world with equal rights. We have not only published, but also proved that our country has no shortages.
From now on, Hungary has NO international obligations at all, as all our international treaties and contracts have been signed by unauthorized persons since 19 March, 1944. Of course, this does not mean that we are not willing to re-conclude the necessary contracts on acceptable terms and paying our real obligations.

In order to re-build the country, on 16 April, 2011 we founded our bank called the " The St Korona Hungarian and the National Development Bank Innovation and Capital Association" , and issued the new, clean - electronic - national currency called, the " Holy Crown", where 1 Holy Crown is equal to 200.00 Hungarian Forints and 1.00 US dollar.

The equity capital of the new bank is twenty thousand billion St Korona, and we, the Hungarian citizens of this country, are the shareholders. Therefore, ten million of common stocks have been issued, with a share value of HUF four hundred million, equivalent to two million St Korona. The shares are deeds, and owing to the fact that all properties belong to the "Hungarian Holy Crown" in the countries that form part of the Kingdom of the Holy Crown, its Citizens are possessors and consequently, the shares are not negotiable and cannot be mortgaged .which is not necessary anyway, because, we have more St Koronas with reserves available than we need in order to achieve our goals.

We still need several millions of jobs to re-build our "New World" and it is more than the Kossuth Holding and other state liquidator companies of the Third Hungarian Republic have destroyed during the last 20 years.

My goal is to make Hungary a flourishing country again, where every piece of the land is cultivated again.

Let us establish vineyards and plant fruit trees or vegetables, let us be self-suppliers in the various meat industries and the entire food industry so that we can also supply our neighbours or other countries with our surplus.

For this, I wish you all a good health and a Happy New Year!